Health & Safety

Our team will assist you with a range of occupational SHEQ matters, including but not limited to the following.

Cing'ba is a Health and Safety company that focuses on Construction, Mines and all other safety concerned Sectors. Cing'ba Consulting is geared to working with our clients, essentially functioning as an extension of their staff, while providing quality services and access to a wide range of specialists and expertise through our own work experience and that of our network of associates.


  • Health & safety training
  • Risk assessment & Hazard identification
  • Incident investigation
  • Construction regulation health & SHE files.
  • Supply of on-site safety officers/ safety reps, safety watchers & General labourers
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Emergency evacuation plans, Procedure and evaluation
  • Develop and / or revise occupational health, safety and environmental management system
  • Conduct company - specific training needs analysis
  • Assist with and conduct effective health and safety meetings
  • Compiling environmental Files
  • Incident reporting ,recording and investigation
  • Conduct basic SHE induction training to all employees
  • Assist with workplace inspection
  • Completion of contractor files and section 37(2) Agreements


All training can be customized to meet clients- specific needs. All training courses are aligned with identified unit standards.

The following courses are available.

  • OHSE overview for Executive & Management
  • Compensation for occupational injuries ACT (workmen's compensation)
  • Legal liability Management
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Management (HIRA)
  • HIRA for Supervisors
  • Incident accident investigation (Basic)
  • Incident accident investigation (Advanced)
  • SHE rep (Basic & advance)
  • OSHE basic Awareness
  • Effective Management of HIV/ Aids at work place